Alan Troubleshooter - Guitar Man
known in some parts as “Gator”

Electric, Acoustic, 12-String Guitars

Arrangement and Production
Songwriter and the singer of his original songs that evoke a melting pot of styles which consist of:

- Rock ‘n’ Roll Reggae
- World Music
- Old 50’s Rhythm & Blues
- Folk, from the Bleecker Street days
- Raga Rock
- A fine flair for a Pop melody

Playing the Greenwich Village Circuit he connected up with artists and tours with Tim Hardin, Garland Jeffreys (nine albums), Lou Reed, Steve Forbert and other Bluesmen and Reggae Rockers.

Personal band projects include The Troubleshooters, The Thangs, American Heirs, Rockin, Reggae Rollers, JABLAC - “Jazz-Rock Fusion Band” the early Water Tower East where Alan was one of the original raga rock boys of the 60’s playing open tunings with a Sitar pick.

His current life-time commitment is to Rippin’ Al and The Troubleshooters.

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AWESOME! check out the original tunes titles . . .

Listen to the Late Night Rain
Mid-East Tension
Giotto’s Blue Balloon
2000 Millennium Blues
Wild Wooly Woman
Siena Bell
Sullivan County
Talkin’ to You
Soda Fountain Treat
Back There in My Mind
Witness to History
Lover’s Lane
Jackie O and OJ
42nd Street
Apache Tear
Muhammad Ali
Rock ‘n’ Roll Story
Falling Into Love’s A Crazy Feeling
Bum in My Mind
Julio and the Albatross
Top of Hypocrisy
Dollar Wine
Longing to Be With You
Light A Candle for Love

Rock This Town Tonight
On Rainbow’s End
First Time
Hounds Chased the Fox
Johnny Guitar
Cry Lament for Brian Jones
Rebel Holiday
Memory of You
Man of Many Chapters
Mary High School
Girl from the Lower East Side
The Honeymoon is Over
In My Search for You
Rock n Roll Reggae
It’s About You
Modern Age
Hudson River Valley
Not Ready for Your World
On Bended Knees
Old Provincetown
Try My Best With You
Don’t Gamble on Love
Whisper My Name

Original Music Soundtrack for the film, “Shadow Catcher” by T.C. McCluhan, an award-winning film on the work of photographer Edward S. Curtis who documented the early twentieth century Native Americans.
Studied Viola and Classical Guitar at Mannes College of Music in New York City.
Private studies with Skeeter Best, Jim Hall, Julio Prol, Paul Doktor and self-studies of the great traditional American Bluesmen.